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21 STAGE MVP AUTO WASH $35 - $45

Usually takes about 1 hour

• Exterior foam pH-Natural hand wash with wheels

• Hand Dry

• Vacuum seats, carpets, trunk

• Glass

• Interior wipe down

• Wheels clean and Tires dressed

MINI DETAIL $199 - $299

Usually takes about 2-3 hours

• 21 – stage MVP wash

• 39% pure ultra white carnauba wax

• Full paint work decontamination

• Interior cleaned detailed using a compressed air process including leather cleaning and conditioning.

• All windows and mirrors cleaned.


Usually takes about 6-7 hours

• 21 – stage MVP wash

• Mini detail included

• Full paint work decontamination

• 1-3 paints work correction

• 1 layer of polymer protection applied to wheels

• 39% pure carnauba wax application to all paint work, including door jams and wheels where possible.

• Leather cleaning and conditioned.


Usually takes about 1-2 day approx.

MVP most popular treatment, the ultimate detail for your vehicle, including wheel refurbishment, up to 6 stages of paintwork correction process, swissvax coating for wheels, paintwork and windows, along with the interior fully steam cleaned and sanitized killing all bacteria and germs from all surfaces within the interior.

• Paintwork measured on every panel whether steel, aluminum, GPR, PU or carbon fiber

• 21 – stage MVP detail natural wash with wheels, arches, and door shuts cleaned with citrus degreaser.

• Wheels cleaned with a pH-neutral wheel gel and decontaminated from iron fillings.

• Full 2 stage paintwork decontamination ( fully removes all embedded contaminants)

• Hand-dried using “deep pile” microfiber drying towels.

• Paintwork defects inspected using a 100x high resolution digital microscope.

• Wheels removed and refurbished if required.

• Swissvax coating application to all wheels ( can last more than a year)

• All wheel nuts are torque set to the correct manufacturer’s specifications.

• 1-6 Stage paintwork correction process paintwork in measured for thickness and re-leveled by maximum of 3 to 4 microns to ensure that all surfaces reflect light perfectly.

• Swissvax Crystal coating applied to all paintwork and cured for 24 hours.

• Paintwork checked under various light including Jerry’s bespoke 300 0 watt lighting system.

• 1-3 layers of Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax (76% by volume of ultra pure with Carnauba) applied to all paintwork.

• Tires and exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected.

• Rubber seals cleaned and conditioned.

• Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished.

• Swissvax Crystal Rain/Water repellent coating to all exterior windows (can last up to 2 years)

• All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished and protected.

• Interior surfaces steam cleaned and sanitized killing all bacteria and germs and detailing using compressed air.

• Leather surfaces are carefully cleaned prepared and fed using the finest leather products available.

• Engine bay and arches cleaned and detailed if required.


Creates rain/water repellent treatment to paint. 


Removes most surface scratches and restores that NEW car look


Removes dulling and yellowing


Natural oil that pampers leather.


  • High Performance Window Tint from 57%-93% Infrared Heat Rejection

  • Custom Caliper painting and logo's

  • Collision and Repair (all Insurance Work welcome)

  • Powder Coating wheels most colors available

  • Custom Exhaust bolt on or fab

  • Wheel Rash repair back to OEM surface Paint

  • Customization

  • Undercarriage Detail

  • Emblems, logos, vehicle accessories painted custom or OEM.

  • Taillight Tint with paint

  • Audio/video/upgrades

  • Vin # Paint Color touch up services

  • Accessories 

  • Custom Mats

  • Interior Custom Painted Accessories

  • Mech Repairs

  • Custom Wheels

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