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Two 5 gallon / 20 litre wash bucket for a safe hand car wash

two Grit Guard inserts provide excellent protection against wash-induced swirls/

two Gamma Seals - an airtight leakproof screw top lid

two Dollies with 5 heavy-duty casters (with brake)

Seat cushion (accessory) to comfortably detail wheels and lower body panels.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only ship this via FedEx Ground as it is charged on dimensional box weight

The Swissvax Dual Wash System has been developed and manufactured by Grit Guard USA, the first address when it comes to clever hand car wash solutions.

The Swissvax Dual Wash-System makes washing your car even safer and simpler. The principle behind is a separate wash and rinse bucket. And the Double-Dolly ties it altogether!

By rinsing out the Waschpudel (wash mitt) in the rinse bucket before reloading it with soap in the wash bucket, virtually no dirt is returned to the paint surface as both buckets are equipped with the revolutionary Grid Guard inserts. No more scratching, no more swirls! The Swissvax Dual Wash-System effortlessly rolls wherever you need it and is for everyone who is serious about a good hand car wash. The 2 buckets are connected by a heavy-duty Dolly Connector plate that is also available as an accessory (e.g. if you want to upgrade your Swissvax Wash-System to a Dual Wash-System).

Improper washing techniques are the main cause for most swirls on a car’s paintwork. The basis for a safe and swirl-free car wash is the hefty Swissvax 5 gallon Wash Bucket and a Grid Guard insert. The Grit Guard Insert provides excellent protection against wash-induced swirls by keeping grit at the bottom of the wash bucket. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard insert calm your wash water and help to settle dirt at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays cleaner. And when you re-wet your Waschpudel (wash mitt) the grid prevents a re-contamination with dirt. The revolutionary Grit Guard insert has proven to significantly reduce wash-induced micro scratches and swirl marks. It also fits our folding 5 gallon Smart Bucket (folding bucket for travels).

The Swissvax Wash-Bucket can be sealed with an airtight leakproof screw top lid, which opens and closes with ease - the so-called Gamma Seal. Ideal for everyone who can only wash his car(s) at a pressure car wash facility (where filling buckets with water is often neither possible nor allowed) or for car club and concours events. Just bring your full buckets along, they won’t spill! Or use the lid to organize and transport your detailing tools.

Thanks to the Dolly with 5 heavy-duty casters (2 of them with a brake) the Swissvax Wash-Bucket can be effortlessly moved around the car. Choose the additional seat cushion and sit on the lid of the bucket and roll around your vehicle to comfortably detail wheels and lower body panels. It is capable to support up to 120 kgs. Stuck for birthday or Christmas? The Swissvax Dual Wash-System makes a great gift for any car enthusiast. It's assembled in a couple of minutes - no tools required!

The Swissvax Dual Wash-System consists of:

2 Swissvax 5 gallon Wash-Buckets.

2 Gamma Seal Lids with thread and rubber seal.

2 Grit Guard inserts.

2 "Dollies" with 5 heavy-duty casters (2 of them with a brake)

1 Dolly-Connector heavy-duty steel plate

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