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standard wax for all types of paintwork.

Cost-effective standard wax for all paintwork types with 30 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba.

Produces a streak-free gloss and enhances the paintwork surface with best beading characteristics.

Non-resistant to soda lye and salt water - less suitable for winter use.

Prepare the paintwork with Cleaner Fluid prior to the wax application.

Please note: Before the wax is applied for the first time, it is imperative that the paintwork is pretreated with Cleaner Fluid Regular. Otherwise the wax will not bond with the paintwork.

Swissvax Onyx is our standard wax for all colors. With 30% of grade one pure Brazilian carnauba wax by volume, this wax produces a streak-free gloss and water-repellent protection on all types of paintwork including clear coats.

A wax container of 200ml is sufficient for 15 wax applications or more whereby we recommend you to wax your vehicle every 3 months meaning that one container of wax allows you to maintain your automobile investment for more than three years in a condition which usually would be reserved to award-winning classics only.

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